Governing Body

Governing Body Committee

The Governing Body of Durban High School pledges to the parents, staff and learners at the school that the School Governing Body will work tirelessly to ensure that DHS not only continues to be considered the best in our area, but also to set our course to improve and excel in the education of our most prized gifts, our children.

Download the DHS Governing Body Guiding Principles

Mr Winston Owen – Chairman (Elected Parent)
Mr Paul Spooner – Vice Chairman (Elected Parent)
Mrs Linda Smit – Chairman of Finance Committee (Elected Parent)
Ms Sharon Drew – Secretary – SGB (Co-opted)
Mr Louis Ardé – CEO Foundation (Co-opted)
Mr Paul Bryan – Elected Parent
Ms Michelle Girodo – Educator Rep
Mr Doug Golan – Legal/HR (Co-opted)
Mr Brian Green – Educator Rep
Mr Chris Green – Business Manager (Co-opted)
Mrs Deborah Green – Elected Parent
Matthew Henley – RCL Rep
Mr Russell Hulett – Elected Parent
Mr Barrie Knox-Davies – Elected Parent
Mr Ian Lewis – Educator Rep
Mrs Chandhira Maniram – Elected Parent
Mvelo Novoh – RCL Rep
Samkelo Ntetha – RCL Rep
Mr Elphus Nxumalo – Non-Educator Rep
Mr Tony Pinheiro – Head Master
Mr Noel Stapelfeldt – Elected Parent
Mrs Marie Vermaak – Deputy Head (Co-opted)

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